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This fall has been both an exciting and busy time for both the class of 2020 and 2021! We were thrilled to welcome the nine amazing and bright students who make up the class of 2021. So far, our first-year students have been settling into the program and working hard in all of their classes. They have also had the opportunity to begin observing at specialty rotations such as the Huntington’s Disease clinic. To get to know our new class, make sure to read their bios later on in the newsletter! Our second-year students have been working hard in both their classes and clinical rotations and had the opportunity to go to NSGC in Salt Lake City. We are so proud that all eight of our second-year students had abstracts accepted at NSGC and had the opportunity to present at the national conference. Our second-years also have been learning about hot-topics in genetics including the use of telemedicine. Read our interview with Sandra D’Elia to learn more about this exciting topic