Taylor Reeve

Reeve TaylorTaylor is from Cherry Hill, NJ. She is a graduate from Rutgers University Camden, January 2016 and majored in Biology with a minor in Psychology. After graduation, Taylor worked full time for an Endocrinologist in Cherry Hill, NJ, and continued volunteering at Contact (a Burlington county crisis hotline). She was a starting defender on the Rutgers Women’s soccer team in Camden, NJ, held the Parliamentarian role in her sorority and was a research assistant in a Psychology lab where they collected data to analyze memory. She is interested in researching Progeria, a rare genetic disorder which causes rapid aging of children.

Why she chose Rutgers:
I chose Rutgers as pioneering a new program was exciting to me! Rutgers placed great emphasis on obtaining not just hospital based rotations but also a great deal of exposure to industry roles. Genetic counseling is a rapidly advancing field and being part of a new program makes it easier to adapt to changes in field by gearing curriculum and clinical opportunities toward the way in which the field is moving. Even more of a draw for me was the location. Being in a program within the Tri-State area offers a wealth of opportunities, but more importantly, Rutgers is the FIRST program in New Jersey, allowing us to leave our mark!