Deirdre Sumski

DeirdreSumski v1Deirdre Sumski is from Cornwall, New York. In May of 2017 she graduated with a BSc specializing in genetics from the University College of Dublin (UCD) in Ireland. During her undergraduate degree she interned with Pinto Labs at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai where she contributed to the International Autism research project. Deirdre also worked in the Butler Lab identifying novel yeast species from Irish soil, and her work contributed to a study that was published in the PLOS One journal. After graduation, she volunteered at Camp Sunshine for kids with life threatening illnesses. Her experience at Camp Sunshine inspired her to become a genetic counselor and use to her degree to help families navigate genetic testing and diseases. Deirdre then interned under the supervision of certified cancer genetic counselor Nancy Cohen at the Northern Westchester Hospital. She is eager to be part of the new genetic counseling master’s program at Rutgers University, and she is passionate about working in a field that allows her to use knowledge and compassion to help people every day.