Program Description

NR10BuschFall1863The Genetic Counseling Master's Program (GCMP) at Rutgers University is a 22 month graduate program in which students will be awarded a Master's in Science upon completion. Our program is comprised of three main components: rigorous coursework, a variety of clinical rotations offered throughout the state, and a Master's research project. There are a number of additional rotations and activities that our students participate in that serve to round out their educational experience.

The Rutgers GCMP draws upon the vast resources of a growing Rutgers University. Our program collaborates with a variety of University departments and other Rutgers professional schools to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to training. Our program leadership includes dedicated genetic professionals, representing a range of specialties, both academic and clinical. Located on the beautiful Busch campus, GCMP students will be able to take advantage of all that a large university has to offer.

In light of the expanding roles that genetic counselors now fulfill, the program was designed to prepare our graduates to pursue a variety of genetic counseling jobs. Additionally, the program strives to take advantage of the vast number of opportunities within Genetics throughout the state. These goals are reflected in our Mission Statement and Program vision.

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To provide excellent, innovative, and interdisciplinary training that prepares our students for the evolving field of genetic counseling.


Graduates of Rutgers GCMP will be empathic and competent counselors, self-directed learners, and respected leaders who strive to advance the profession and are prepared to fulfill a variety of roles in a healthcare system that increasingly utilizes genetic and genomic medicine.