The GCMP curriculum is designed NR10SMLRClasses6450to provide a challenging, thorough, and well balanced training to our graduate students. The majority of courses have been designed specifically for our genetic counseling students to ensure the effectiveness and specificity of our training. Students will take a four course genetic counseling course that spans across the two years of training. Science curriculum includes Human Genetics and Medical Genetics courses, as well as courses designed to emphasize other specialty areas (Reproductive Genetics and Cancer Genetic Counseling). Our program also take advantage of upon the offerings of Rutgers University by including courses offered by other professional schools including the School of Social Work thus demonstrating our approach to cross disciplinary training and the value of exposing our students to a variety of Rutgers resources. For students that are interested, Rutgers also offers an online Medical Spanish course. The Rutgers GCMP also participates with NJ LEND, a nation-wide program that prepares graduate-level health care students to address the complex needs of children with autism, related disabilities, and other maternal and child health populations.

The program is 62 credits, spanning five continuous semesters. See below for a summary of the curriculum and program structure. In addition to these classes, all first year students are enrolled in a year long seminar addressing diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ)  issues and how it relates to the genetic counseling profession.

NOTE: Admitted students will be required to take an online embryology course prior to program start date if course was not taken previously.

Fall 1st yearSpring 1st yearSummerFall 2nd yearSpring 2nd year
16:681:590: Foundations of Genetic Counseling (3) – Rispoli 16:681:591: Genetic Counseling II: Reprogenetics (4) - Ashkinadze/Seymour   16:681:592: Genetic Counseling III:  Current and Advanced Topics (2) - Seymour 16:681:593: Genetic Counseling IV: Genetic Counseling in the 21st Century (4) – Seymour
535:Human Genetics (3) –  Brzustowicz 16:681:598: Research Methods for Genetic Counseling (2)- Heiman      
16:681:597: Clinical Cancer Genetic Counseling (3) – Grumet/McDaniels 16:681:594: Medical Genetics I (3) – Botti   16:681:596: Medical Genetics II (3) – Botti  
587: Counseling Techniques for Genetic Counselors II (2) – Rispoli/Seymour 16:681:586: Counseling Techniques for Genetic Counselors (2)- Rispoli Loss Across the Lifespan (3)  587: Counseling Techniques for Genetic Counselors II (2) – Rispoli/Seymour   
 16:681:584 Res Meth for GC I (2) - Rispoli/Heiman 596: Applied Med Gen (1) - Seymour

 701: Research (1)

701: Research (3) 702: Research (3)
687: Lab and Clinical Rotation (2) 687: Lab and Clinical Rotation (2) 599: Clinical Rotation (4) 599: Clinical Rotation (4) 599: Clinical Rotation (4)
Credits: 15 Credits: 14 Credits: 8 Credits: 14 Credits: 11

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